How to Choose the Best Skirtingboards for your House

Renovations are a great experience, you get to reinvent your house and apply those changes you have been planning for years now. Perhaps you already have an itemized list of the changes you want on each room but, have you reached a decision about your skirting boards?

You cannot just choose the first thing that you come across, you must take your time and considerate different facts before you settle for one material or style.

Find your Style

The skirtingboards give character to the rooms, they add a little detail to complete an experience. If you are replacing the skirtingboards you may consider choosing a design that is alike but perhaps you feel adventurous and are trying to redefine your spaces.

A square-edge goes better with modern decoration whereas round ones are considered classic. Find samples and choose the one that goes with your idea.


There are several materials available at different price ranges. MDF or medium-density fiberboard has become a popular material nowadays. It is cheaper and easy to install but it also has an elegant finish that adds style to your room.

Skirtingboards made of wood are a classic, you could choose between soft wood and hard wood. These are harder to install and come with a higher price but they look incredible and will last longer than any other material.

Plastic is an option if you are renovating your garage, you could use it to hide cables. It is cheaper and easier to install but is does not look good on the house.


The most important thing to keep in mind when you are choosing skirtingboards is staying on budget. Do not go for a high-quality material if your budget is limited, remember that the material must be consistent on your entire house. Cheaper options could also be high-quality if you take your time to do a little research. Even though wood is a classic, consider MDF since the designs are equally beautiful.